Springless March

Battle Pets Apr 05, 2013

Salutations from Azeroth!
I don’t know about you guys, but this month seems to have flown by and Spring is still eluding us.
Onto serious matters: congratulations to the raiding team! Loads of bosses have gone splat and they are now well into the latest raiding tier, Throne of Thunder.

As usual, a huge resounding welcome to our new members: Datguy, Elementor, Isothor, Malek, Parrazell, and Terrá.

This week I would like to introduce you to our supreme Pet Master, Mr Sfendourax!

As you saw last month he is first on our realm, 32nd in EU and 55th in EU/US combined. And a special mention to Dragone who is still second on the realm and Blindio who moved up to 12th place! (They did force us to kill this odd giant eel at some point as well!)

I asked Sfendourax a few questions:

How did you get interested in Pet Battles?

I was for many years a full player of Magic the Gathering Game as I wanted to play something with my children for some quality time together I started Pokemon Card game. On some regional championship games I was selected with 75 European players and participated (full expenses paid) to the world Pokemon Championship in New York … so I had some experience on chasing and breeding Pokemons. Pet battles in WoW is a nice integration of that idea in the game.

Which 3 pets did you level first?

I really don’t remember … one of them must have been Lil’XT, I would definitely suggest that one, a Cat with Devour attack and Nether Fairy Dragon on today’s Pet Battles

Do you have a favorite pet? If so which one and why?

I like Lil’XT a lot cause his Tympanic Tandrum attack cripples the enemy team, his Repair makes it reusable as almost a brand new one not to mention his Revival ability as a mechanical Pet.

When did you start playing WoW?

I managed to resist it for 6 months since launch of the game, after that full time with small vacation breaks, 1113 Days played on Dragonblight only. I was playing Warcraft since 1st PC Version and all the versions till WoW.

What is your favorite area in WoW?

Isle of Quel’Danas – Sunwell Plateau

Any tips/hints for people who want to get into Pet Battles?

I think some spirit of patience, solitary play is required and love for collections and critters will help a lot also. There are too many hints and tips I can offer as I explored most of the issue on my own from start. We suffered some bugs in the beginning but now it is mostly stabilized with every major patch Blizzard tries to correct the overpowered Pets and attacks so the environment is customized to retain competition for all pet flavours Don’t hesitate to ask me for detailed information as I can save you days of effort and frustration.

Perhaps this will finally get a few us into trying Pet Battles!

See y’all in game,
Pollon – I am not fat, I am a dwarf.

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