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Guild News Feb 26, 2022

Prelude started its activity on July 1, 2010, and since then we have provided a stable and friendly environment for our community.

We are happy to welcome new friends in Shadowlands!

The guild Prelude was formed by a group of players that all had a common history in several raid guilds and felt that together they could achieve their common goal; To have a guild that allowed them to raid and progress skillfully through the end-game content while keeping a friendly and fun environment where respect for each other and having fun are key factors.

We want people to feel at home and at ease in the guild. This means we highly value a strong will to learn as well as already honed skills together with a friendly attitude. The guild is happy to help with raid- or class improvements. We do expect members to be active in the guild and its events. We also expect members to both listen to and give advice on how to improve. To progress together we need to work together.

Prelude has lived up to these aspects while plowing through the content in every expansion since its beginning and the aim is to keep getting the “Ahead of the curve” achievements while maintaining our key factors of respect and fun.

Many of the Prelude members have played together since Vanilla and share a strong bond that is the foundation of the guild. Many new members have joined us over the years and are now a natural part of the same foundation. Together we are strong; New and old.

We are always looking for more members to join, whether it is for raids or just for the fun and friendliness. With a respect for others and a strong will to have fun you will find a good Azerothian home in Prelude.

Rules of conduct are in place and enforced. The guild has members all over Europe and therefore we communicate in English. Be polite and show respect even if you don’t agree. Flaming, bad language and putting people down won’t be tolerated. Positive attitude, giving suggestions and constructive criticism is the way to go here. As in any large group compromising is also the way to go.

For those interested in raiding we do raid on Monday and Thursday from 20:00 to 22:30 Server Time, the rest of the week is dedicated to M+, Torghast, Questing, etc.

Interested in joining?

Please submit an application either in our Guild Forum or the in game tool and feel free to have a chat with any of the officers Fleurexq, Taø, Fáust, Thoal, Artemis

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