One year of Prelude

Birthday Jul 01, 2011

Once upon ago, in a galaxy far far away… ehm no, on Azeroth… well, actually it was one year ago…



We are really proud and happy to announce we reached one year of the guild! Woooot!
We founded and organized everything in few days, the official birth was July, 1st, and the first raid July, 4th

In this year we had some nice satisfactions and good moments!
We cleared Icecrown Citadel (mostly in heroic) and Ruby Sanctum, we got 3 Shadowmourne and we raided the whole summer except one day
In Cataclysm we reached the maximum guild level very fast, and we cleared the current tier content, always keeping the “old, sweet” raiding style: 25men only
Last news, we completed 12/12 normal modes with Ala’kir kill. We got our Dark Phoenix and the title “Defender of a Shattered World”

Now we are starting the new challenges in Firelands… this Prelude is becoming a symphony 🙂



Here’s our celebratory guild video ! Happy BirthDay Prelude

This preview is in standard quality. (can requires up to 30/40 sec. to buffer)

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