Blackrock Foundry: 3 heroic encounters already defeated!

Draenor Feb 28, 2015

We are happy to say that red, dark and spiky places are no threat to Prelude raiders!

In the first 2 weeks of Blackrock Foundry we cleared 8 bosses in normal mode and won 3 fights in heroic:

Gruul. Poor monster, in this Draenor he has been enslaved to work for the Iron Horde, he lost one hand, his cavern is half the size of the Outland one and on top of all that the same people raided his place and killed him… AGAIN.
Sorry honey, but we practiced a lot your Petrifying/Shatter trick in the past and you can’t get us!!!

Beastlord Darmac. He is a huntard if we’ve ever seen one! He obviously knows nothing about proper rotation of cooldowns and he just tried to throw at us whatever pet and weapon he could. Tsk tsk, BM hunters sometimes…. even if we tried to help him, kindly waiting for his spears to pin us down (!!!), we wiped him.
Next time spec Surv, you nOOb!

Hans’gar & Franzok. They yelled at us “If it bleeds, we can kill it!” and we answered “Precisely”.
WE will be back, you two girlies!




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